What is Energy Work?

Energy work is a mystery to most of us. We hear people talking about it, it shows up in our news and new-age publications, and most of us really don’t know what it means. Very simply, energy work is rebalancing the “human energy field” that exists around each of us, most commonly known as the aura. Our aura consists of levels of energy that hold the vibration of our present incarnation. Each level addresses different aspects of our being — physical, emotional, mental, astral, celestial and causal bodies — and holds the vibration of our life experiences (past and present) and the blueprint or plan for this lifetime.

These vibrations can be distorted and blocked as a result of our life experiences and how we process them. These experiences are stored in our chakras, and it is these thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are cleared, balanced and are healed during energy work. As we clear and heal these imbalances a vibration is released and this can lead to re-experiencing an event as if it had just occurred. This is important because it offers the opportunity to be with the event or experience anew and release it from an alternative perspective. It allows us to be aware of our whole and complete selves and transmutes the lower-frequency energy with love.

So, here’s the thing about energy work: it is not a quick fix, unless it is. Energy work is a process. It has taken the length of this lifetime, and others, to create these blocks and disturbances in our energetic being. In fact, some believe that it will take our existing lifetime and many others to heal these disturbances and that this is the reason we are here on earth today. These energetic wounds show up in our lives as physical ailments, mental illness, and emotional distress, and are communications from our energetic and physical bodies that alert us to what needs attention. Energy work allows us the perspective of looking at ourselves as physical, mental, spiritual and energetic beings, offering us the opportunity to realize our completeness. This work focuses on our essence rather than just the manifestation of our wounds. Energy work goes to the core of the issues that created the disturbances in the first place.

Energy work is where you can access this truest self and the wisdom that you seek. You begin to understand that your life is custom-designed so that you will awaken to that wisdom. It is so that energy work may not necessarily cure a disease or repair a physical or emotional problem. And, it is also so that energy work will begin to awaken you to your spiritual self – the self that is already healed.