Overcoming Porn Addiction

The Internet has made it easy for everyone to access pornographic content. The male gender happens to be the most affected when it comes to pornography addiction. It starts as a fun activity that leads to addiction. However, at some point, those addicted to porn see the need to rise over this addiction, which is often a struggle. If you are not sure of where to start, this article will help you overcome porn addiction. Here are tips to help you overcome pornographic addiction.

Tips to help you overcome pornography addiction

Address voids that may be leading you to addiction

SdxSADcASMost men who watch pornographic materials either have been harassed sexually at a tender age or have heartbreaks in the relationships they have hard. On the contrary, some resort to pornography as a source of entertainment when bored or lonely. However, what they miss to know is that watching pornography cannot completely heal their past disappointments. That said, if you are struggling with porn addiction, you have to devise a mean of addressing your previous disappointments.

Talk to people that have been in the situation

Many people will watch pornography alone. This takes care of their privacy and ensures that people around them do not judge them. Besides, since this is a recorded clip you do not expect to have the people acting to stare back at you. Thus, this makes them comfortable. However, when you become conscious this is wrong, you will indeed feel. Thus, recovering from this addiction can be a real struggle. To help you recover from this addiction, engage with people who have heard this experience and listen to some of the difficulties they faced. This can give you the inspiration to quit your addiction.


Get rid of all things that tempt you to addiction

To overcome pornography addiction, you have to make deliberate efforts of putting away all materials and devices that tempt you to watch porn. Also, you can place filters and blockers on either your mobile phone or computer. Furthermore, make it hard to access any pornographic material by doing away DVDs and all sorts of downloaded files.


When watching pornographic materials, most men will have the scene engrossed in their mind. When this is happening, they experience self-gratification of their sexual desires. This can be very dangerous because the subconscious mind receives this information and fills your mind with sexual fantasies. To delete the trance- like state, you can consider hypnosis as a solution. Hypnosis aims at reducing the urge of watching pornographic materials and filling the gap with more productive materials.