Surprising Benefits Of Anal Sex

Anal sex is exciting become a favorite type of sex among couples. Initially, it a reserve of the homosexuals but late even couples in heterogeneous relationships are practicing it. Research has shown that men are more interested in this type of sex than the ladies. The xvideos anal videos will help you on how to go about with anal sex. This write-up explores some of the surprising benefits of anal sex;

Benefits of anal sex

Immune system


Whenever we have beneficial sex hormones are secreted which affect our moods and the way we do things. Anal sex will keep you in great shape by boosting your immune system. This will be as a result of the intense physical activity during sexual intercourse. The hormones and antibodies will be secreted and released respectively and help you in fighting various diseases.

Pleasurable to men

Anal sex is more pleasurable for men than pussy sex. This is because unlike the vagina which is elastic the anus is not and therefore tighter. Many men jerk off because of pressure and how tight their sexual organs rub against that of their partners during sex. This explains why most men find anal sex more pleasurable than the other types of sex. Most men love being dominant; anal sex gives a feeling of being dominant and powerful over your sexual partner.

Pleasurable to women

Anal sex is equally pleasurable to women than the other types of sex. It is critical to note that the anus has various nerve ending connected directly to it and the surrounding area. When these areas are tickled during sex, the women feel unexplainable pleasure and many reach orgasm. Secondly, men can still hit the women’s g-spot when they push against the wall of the vagina. This explains why women can reach orgasms through anal sex.

Clearing the system

This is one topic which many people avoid. Anal sex, however, will help you clear all the waste products in the anal areas. This will keep healthy since one of the common causes of diseases to the human body is the waste products. Because of the increased activity in this region, anal sex will help enhance the bowel movements which make it easier to pass the fesses.

Increases intimacy


Before anal sex happens between partners, there has to be an unlimited amount of trust. Many women are usually insecure and nervous when it comes to relationships and sex. When it happens between a couple, it implies that the mistrust barrier has been broken due to negative reputation that it is associated with. Watch the video below for some of the benefits of anal sex;