Myths about masturbation

For an activity that is pleasurable to most men, there are a couple of myths about it. Because masturbation usually plays a significant role in better penis health, it is vital that men feel comfortable themselves when they have the urge to do so. With that in mind, let us look at some of the myths that are associated with masturbation and determine the truth about them:

Masturbation causes blindness


There is a myth which implies that masturbation causes blindness or hairy palms. This is so untrue because there would not be any adult male moving around without the help of a seeing eye dog and barbers would spend a lot of time shaving the hair on men’s hands than on their heads. These myths were created because of parental desire to prevent boys from masturbating.


Masturbation causes impotence

This myth is a complete opposite for a lot of men. Men who spend the most time pleasuring themselves through masturbation are usually better lovers. They understand what their penis likes and they are able to better position themselves during intercourse to take advantage of the information they possess. Though there are some men who masturbate heavily and have obstacles engaging in partner sex, this has less to do with masturbation than with other psychological or physical factors.

Men who masturbate on a daily basis cannot father a child

This is totally false and something any man needs to be aware of before utilizing masturbation as a means of birth control. Studies have shown that even men who masturbate on a daily basis still produce more than enough sperm to fertilize a waiting egg.

Only single men masturbate

Masturbation continues to be a large part of people’s lives even when they are in commitments or long-term relationships with regular partner-based sex. A recent survey revealed that 70 percent of married men usually still engage in masturbation on a regular basis.

Young boys who masturbate become sex addicts

If this notion was true, then the universe would be filled with sex addicts. Masturbation is usually a normal part of a lot of people’s childhoods and an important way for a young individual to learn what his body likes or does not like.

Masturbation gives a guy a lower voice

trfytfhgfhgfhgcIt is difficult to determine the logic behind this myth, except that when an adolescent is capable of ejaculating semen, it is likely that his voice will soon undergo or has been undergoing a change. But there is no valid reason to think that a male with a basso profundo voice masturbates more than a man who communicates in a lower tone.…